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ECOVISON is an International Environmental and Movies Festival, to date the only event of this kind in Europe, where are shown documentaries and movies made in various Countries, facing the environmental issues.


Since the start of the Industrial Revolution, when man discovered ways of mechanized work, many technologies have been developed, widening production and increasing greenhouse effect gas emissions. Consequently, great industrial city centers were opened, altering vegetable covered areas, and removing the natural habitat of many animal species and brutally degrading the environmental conservation zones. Such changes have modified the ecosystem of the planet and caused a series of problems which interest the climate of all the hemispheres, like rainstorms, floods, speeding glaciers melting, wind, hurricanes, global warming and other situations that we are seeing all over the world. We realize that the natural environment of the planet is on the collapsing edge and that we must make aware men and women about this tragedy that is announced, but to which we are not giving  the due importance.
With this aim was born ECOVISION, in Palermo, Sicily (Italy), an International Festival about Environment and Cinema, where movies coming from different countries around the world, are shown in regard to what relations between men and his own environment are.
Being Brasil one of the countries with a  greater biodiversity and owner of great and intact areas, we feel the need to waking up in the population the awareness of the importance to preserve the environment and the sustainable development. To be able to make aware of the issue of the environment in as many people as possible, we are carrying the ECOVISION Festival towards a parallel making in the city of Fortaleza too. By means of documentaries which show problems of some communities and  Countries, we are trying to make sure that, through the acquisition  of this  awareness, the creation of  possible similarities with them is avoided.
We propose, therefore, the realization of the Ecovision, International review of Environment and Cinema (Palermo-Fortaleza) to give the go ahead to the creation of a cinematographic area with an environmental thematic, to make the public aware about the environmental issues that regard us, creating room for talks about environmental topics, in the city of Fortaleza.


General objective

To produce the ecovision, International Festival of environment and cinema (Palermo-fortaleza) that discuss the topic of the environment, in the period from the 18th to 24th of July 2009, in the amphitheater of the centre “Dragão do Mar de Art and Culture” of Fortaleza ( Brasil).

Specific objectives

To propel the audiovisual and documentary-film  production, that has for  topic, the man-environment issue.
To discuss about the sustainable development and the different concepts of environment between the richer and poorer countries.
To promote the knowledge and to contribute to the distribution of movies made by directors who know how to handle these issues with sensibility representing, in the meantime, moments of innovation and true linguistic, formal and artistic exchange   
to facilitate the  world-wide culture interchange with other areas of the world
to create a pole of cultural attraction for the Ceraensi and the visitors of the city of Fortaleza.

For more informations:

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  • Web:       http://www.ecovisionfestival.com



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